Using KConfig XT/KConfigDialogManager with "compound" dialogs

Benjamin Meyer ben at
Sun May 1 21:32:06 BST 2005

On Sunday 01 May 2005 8:21 pm, Shaheed wrote:
> Ah, got it.
> First, I merged the rc files. Second, I should have constructed the
> KConfigSkeleton like this:
>     KConfigSkeleton *cfg = AudioCdSettings::self();
> Third, in my .kcfg files, I had followed the tutorial an used Capitalised
> entry names; I eventually realised that the case had to match the widget
> name.
> Ben, do you have any objection to merging the rc files as per this thread?
> The point is to make the audiocd kcm module available to kscd and
> kaudiocreator etc.
> Thanks, Shaheed

Go right ahead

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