SVN timing

Stephan Kulow coolo at
Wed Mar 30 15:38:22 BST 2005

Am Mittwoch 30 März 2005 16:06 schrieb Adriaan de Groot:
> Yay! The only thing that didn't become clear, I think, was how access was 
> going to be arranged and how passwords would be (re)distributed: anon svn 
> with no write access for the time being, or svn with the existing cvs 
> passwords (which can be recovered from the .cvspass file if needed), or 
> svn+ssh.
This should be clear for quite some time:

anon svn will be avaible on till we find the time to setup a mirror
on anoncvs.

> > BTW: the attached list are the branches and tags removed. Most
> > of them are stone age / no longer consistent tags/branches or
> > so called vendor branches created by cvs import. If you want to
> > see a branch not deleted because you often review something there,
> > that's no problem. Just tell me. Otherwise I'd redirect you to the
> > hopefully further existant (as frozen) webcvs.
> There's a make_me_fly listed there that I _seem_ to recall is quite active in 
> akregator.
Excellent - someone read the list. Thanks, removed it from the list.

Greetings, Stephan

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