How a non-KDE application access Kwallet

George Staikos staikos at
Thu Mar 24 15:29:52 GMT 2005

On Thursday 24 March 2005 06:17, Suryanarayanan Rajaram wrote:
> I am trying to write an application which reads and writes secrets in
> kwallet.
> From the details I got through the web , I understand that we can do
> this by either of the following ways.
> 1. Talk to the client APIs provided by the Kwallet::Wallet class
> 2. Use the DCOP interface provided by the kwallet service.

   Correct.  In fact, they are both the same thing too.  The KWallet client 
API uses DCOP.

> For using method 2, my application needs to register as DCOP client and
> communicate to the kwallet service via DCOP.
> I tried using seemingly easier method 1 . But I see that my application
> needs to be a KDE application to talk to Kwallet::Wallet APIs. i.e I had
> to use QObject related stuff and KApplication in my code. Otherwise I
> get some segmentation fault while trying to open a wallet.
> I would like to know if there is any way to write a simple application
> which doesnt need KApplication or QObject related things ( non-KDE ) and
> still can access kwallets.
> It would be helpful if anybody could provide me the details for this and
> any related links.

   The fact remains that KWallet needs DCOP for synchronization purposes.  
DCOP should still work without a KApplication, but it definitely requires 
linking to Qt.  If you can handle that, we can work to find out what the 
problems are with not having a KApplication.  I suspect it has to do with the 
KConfig usage, and we can probably find workarounds to that for you.

   Do you have a stack trace for the crashes when you link Qt but don't use a 

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