How a non-KDE application access Kwallet

Suryanarayanan Rajaram srajaram at
Thu Mar 24 11:17:45 GMT 2005

I am trying to write an application which reads and writes secrets in
>From the details I got through the web , I understand that we can do
this by either of the following ways. 
1. Talk to the client APIs provided by the Kwallet::Wallet class 
2. Use the DCOP interface provided by the kwallet service. 
For using method 2, my application needs to register as DCOP client and
communicate to the kwallet service via DCOP. 
I tried using seemingly easier method 1 . But I see that my application
needs to be a KDE application to talk to Kwallet::Wallet APIs. i.e I had
to use QObject related stuff and KApplication in my code. Otherwise I
get some segmentation fault while trying to open a wallet. 
I would like to know if there is any way to write a simple application
which doesnt need KApplication or QObject related things ( non-KDE ) and
still can access kwallets. 
It would be helpful if anybody could provide me the details for this and
any related links. 
Thanks in Advance, 

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