SVN timing - how can we help?

Thiago Macieira thiago at
Wed Mar 23 14:08:42 GMT 2005

Anne-Marie Mahfouf wrote:
>There are the kdenonbeta moves to kdeplaygrounds modules to set up.

That will be after the switch, when we can do real moves on the 

I didn't mention earlier, but, after we set the date for the switch, I 
think we'll need to set some further deadlines.

I can think of:
a) reclaiming of work branches, leading to:
b) clean up of /branches and /tags
c) reclaiming of projects in kdenonbeta (into kdeplayground), leading to:
d) cleanup of kdenonbeta
e) cleanup of /trunk (removal of old modules, empty dirs, etc.)

>I plan to sort out the edu applications in kdenonbeta and to propose the
>destinations on this list. Suggestion: can we maybe have a doc on that
> so we could be several people contacting all the authors and we'll have
> a global view on the future kdeplaygrounds?

I think you've just volunteered for such a doc :-)

Mainly, what would be required of the maintainers would be to effect the 
'svn mv' into kdeplayground before the removal deadline. On the deadline 
(d above), we'd svn rm trunk/kdenonbeta (*)

(*) you can still retrieve old files & projects, even if you miss the 

>Another question: in kdeedu we have some applications that still use the
> old tree model: appname/appname and not appname/src. Would it be wise
> to change that now? And is there a policy about pics/ icons/ data/
> subdirs i.e. should they be in appname/src or in appname/?
>Or would all that mess things for you?

If it involves renaming or moving things around, wait for Subversion.

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