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Helio Chissini de Castro helio at
Wed Mar 23 11:27:26 GMT 2005

On Wednesday 23 March 2005 06:32, Stephan Kulow wrote:
> Hi!
> Now that we have the new hard discs, nothing stops
> us from converting to subversion - beside ourselves.
> I'm not sure if waiting for KDE 3.4.1 is needed - I finally
> want to have a merge command that works ;)
> After all the performance tweaking Oswald and I did, 
You will share all wizard tricks used for us in the case of optimization ? At 
least i'm curious and think this can be a valuable experience info.

> it 
> takes less than 12 hours to convert. So if I take
> readonly at 8am, we can have an uptodate at
> 8pm. We just need to decide on the day. Any suggestions?
> I start with suggesting March 31st. Then we can make the
> "Largest CVS project ever converts to SVN" at the best day
> for announcments: April 1st ;)
Agreed. This can solidificate April 1st as a real tech announces that make 
people in doubts :-) Last year was gmail, which nobody knows about reality 
oor no. 

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