Qt XEMBED [was: Re: thoughts on the systray]

Matthias Ettrich ettrich at trolltech.com
Wed Mar 9 14:19:12 GMT 2005

On Monday 07 March 2005 03:32, Ian Reinhart Geiser wrote:
> On Sunday 06 March 2005 20:51, Matthias Ettrich wrote:
> > On Monday 14 February 2005 18:06, Havoc Pennington wrote:
> > > As an aside, I think most of your XEMBED problems were probably due to
> > > a bad implementation of it; I don't think the Qt XEMBED widget was ever
> > > really finished? I could be wrong. But anyhow, that spec works fine for
> > > GNOME applets and such.
> >
> > The old one in the kdelibraries wasn't finished, but there's a completed
> > one on
> >
> > http://www.trolltech.com/products/solutions/catalog/Widgets/qtxembed/
> Will these changes be merged back into the KDE version, or is there an
> option to have a strait GPL version in KDE libs, with Trolltech still able
> to provide the commercial version to their customers?
> Not to troll, but I have been fighting with KDE's Xembed with qemu for a
> while, and was wondering if there would be improvements coming.

I would certainly like to see our new version being used by KDE, instead of 
the pre-XEMBED-specification hack that I did years ago (although other people 
did fixes to it of course). I think the main reason it wasn't important into 
kdelibs yet is that it's not a drop-in replacement for the old 
implementation. It has a different API. And before someone asks: No, you 
cannot map one to another. In order to work well, the new systems uses an 
explicit container widget (GTK's plug/socket stuff does the same, btw.).


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