Qt XEMBED [was: Re: thoughts on the systray]

Matthias Ettrich ettrich at trolltech.com
Mon Mar 7 01:51:54 GMT 2005

On Monday 14 February 2005 18:06, Havoc Pennington wrote:
> As an aside, I think most of your XEMBED problems were probably due to a
> bad implementation of it; I don't think the Qt XEMBED widget was ever
> really finished? I could be wrong. But anyhow, that spec works fine for
> GNOME applets and such.

The old one in the kdelibraries wasn't finished, but there's a completed one 


There are some issues left with it, but it's pretty close. We also do have an 
improved port to Qt 4. Shortcut support is still missing (something we'll add 
before the final).


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