Mail Loss With KMail

Martin Konold martin.konold at
Fri Mar 4 18:59:54 GMT 2005

Am Donnerstag, 3. März 2005 17:22 schrieb George Staikos:


> KMail in HEAD (which is roughly the same as in branch) is causing me large
> amounts of mail loss.  It roughly happens like this:
> 1) Read email
> 2) Respond
> 3) Move to folder X
> 4) Mail sync happens
> 5) Later on I notice that folder X is now empty except for 1 message, the
> message I had moved into it
> I don't have debug logs because I ran kdeinit, unfortunately.  I've had
> this happen -repeatedly-, and so far it's hit 2 of the 3 most important
> folders I have.  I am using DIMAP.  I think this has to be fixed in 3.4.0
> for the sake of DIMAP users who will suffer serious mail loss.

I also lost my complete Inbox this morning also using dIMAP.

Though it happened when starting kontact (before my VPN was ready). The Inbox 
was completely empty.

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