KDE 3.4: Control Center scrollbars

Unai Garro ugarro at telefonica.net
Tue Mar 1 21:27:17 GMT 2005

>looking at the code (haven't applied it yet) it doesn't seem to resize 
>continuously, but to grow only if necessary. 

Yes, it's a half-way of what I defined as a bad design. But notice that the 
window may require resizing not only when you change from background settings 
to style settings. As soon as you check on a checkbox, click on a button, 
change tabs, choose from a combobox, the window may require resizing.

>and unlike kmail, kcontrol usually 
>sn't an app you have sitting there for hours of usage.

 It was just an example because I'm afraid that other apps would copy this 
method, if found in kdebase applications. Resizing windows got other problems 

Say for example that a given control contains buttons A, B, C, D in order. You 
were pointing at button A, and click it. You try to press B, but the window 
resizes, the layout changes, and now under your mouse is button D instead of 
B, so you miss with the click. For a second you lost references to the whole 
window layout too, and you need to reread the thing to see where you are

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