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Thomas Zander zander at kde.org
Tue Jun 28 17:45:29 BST 2005

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On Tuesday 28 June 2005 14:58, you wrote:
> And let's face it, you can't do everything using search for example,
> you'll ultimately need something to access your data and it'll surely
> be a hierarchy.

I'm not sure about that at all;  hierarchies are not needed, at least 
having at max 1 level of subdirs is not what I call hierarchical.  If I 
recall the researches done on the subject, users work best in one dir or 
one subdir if a user is structured.
Technologies like searching and recent-files just makes everything 
accessible in such an environment again.

Reiterating from my former mail; showing the user a new (forced) hierarchy 
again is not an improvement over the current situation.  See the nth 
redesign of kcontrol. Just as bad as the first.
So, making the home:// the default for the user is not going to be 
helpfull unless some really nice ideas are used to navigate them.  And 
I'm sure successful ones are _not_ hierarchically displayed at all.

Naturally a (dream url of mine) home:/jpegs/dcif?year=2001&month=1/ 
kind of URL is quite hierarchical, as is everything kio-related.  The 
point is that the user should never have to see this URL, nor make it up.

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