New FSF address?

Nicolas Goutte nicolasg at
Tue Jun 28 11:20:52 BST 2005

On Tuesday 28 June 2005 11:34, Dirk Mueller wrote:
> On Tuesday 28 June 2005 10:30, Nicolas Goutte wrote:
> > But what is the new address?
> according to it is
> Free Software Foundation, Inc., 51 Franklin Street, Fifth Floor, Boston,
> MA 02110-1301
> there was an announcement somewhere but I cannot find it right now.
> > Would be an email to
> > kde-cvs-announce (or whatever it is called in the meantime) not be
> > better, as this is a global change, concerning most of KDE's developers.
> I'm preparing a patch (clean checkout is halted due to disk space issues
> right now though) that will fix the addresses, so I didn't think that any
> other reaction would be necessary.

Ah thanks for doing it. But I have meant more that people will probably 
continue to add files, so there should be informed about the right address 
before kde-commits tell them that the address is wrong (which still does not 
tell which adress would be right, if the developer has not read this thread 
or any FSf announcement.)

Have a nice day!

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