CTRL+Y as shortcut for redo

Anders Lund anders at alweb.dk
Mon Jun 27 09:58:02 BST 2005

On Friday 24 June 2005 19:39, Nathan Olberding wrote:
> There certainly is a small shortage of available key combos. OTOH,
> more obscure keyboard shortcuts (such as ctrl+y) are expendible, IMO.
> Is Windows / OO.o user comfort a big enough reason to expend ctrl+y? I
> think that's the only question. I'm indifferent. I think it should at
> least be that way for the Microsoft Windows scheme, but outside of
> that...

The main problem with the availability of the shortcut is that if it's even 
potentially used for a standard action, it can't be used in applications.

And for me, this whole debate is like politics. I disagree with a lot of 
decisions that politicians make, because i find them wrong. I rarely see 
things go the way I prefer, but that does not make those decisions right. 
Probably, we *will* end up with c-y eaten for redo, just because it's used 
for that by a company that probably want KDE to disappear. That does not make 
it a good/better decision.

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