[RFC] One ioslave to rule them all...

Kévin Ottens ervin at ipsquad.net
Sun Jun 26 22:04:33 BST 2005

Le Dimanche 26 Juin 2005 20:09, Ingo Klöcker a écrit :
> Shouldn't the home:/ URL then be completely hidden from the user? In
> Konqueror we already remove the file: from all URLs. So we could as
> well replace home:/ by some translated string. Basically we need a
> transformation between internal URL representation and visual
> human-readable representation. This will probably not be easy, in
> particular, since we'd have to do it everywhere where the user is
> confronted with a URL. But bothering the user with home:/ or system:/
> or settings:/ URLs is lame. If you want to hide technical details like
> the Unix file system hierarchy from the user then why should he be
> exposed to the technical details of URL-syntax.

You have a point here... We need to find a scheme though...

home:/foo => (System)/Home/foo ?
settings:/ => (System)/Settings ?

I'm not sure about the representation.

Moreover using this we could surely translate the strings.

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