What is a KDE app (was Re: Image viewer for KDE4 (Re: KView for KDE4?))

Fred Schaettgen kde.sch at ttgen.net
Fri Jun 24 01:09:34 BST 2005

On Friday, 3. June 2005 14:27, Cristian Tibirna wrote:
> On 3 June 2005 04:47, Lubos Lunak wrote:
> > (some people don't even consider extragear apps
> > to be "real" KDE, e.g. #93611 got reopened only because the person didn't
> > feel like installing something more than just KDE).
> This is IMHO a dangerous trend, if it really exists. We can't just state
> this situation, we need to do something to fix it. Some of the apps in
> extragear are the best of their kind in Linux realm (and sometimes in whole
> free computing, windows and macosx included). We have to find a way to
> correct this view. Promotion? Mentions in all KDE releases? Extragear
> releases (even for separate apps) with high energy announcements, à la
> KOffice?

Encourage packagers to include the most popular extragear apps into their KDE 
metapackages, so installing kde would pull in the most relevant extragear 
apps too? I guess this would give them what they expect.
It's probably more a packaging problem, because those who don't know about 
extragear are rarely the ones who compile their KDE themselves.


Fred Schaettgen
kde.sch at ttgen.net

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