Camera RAW thumbnail generator

Steffen Hansen hansen at
Tue Jun 21 17:57:00 BST 2005

Ok, code is checked in -- my first write operation with svn, so there 
was a bit of a setup hurdle to overcome :-)

Anyway, I converted the code to a KFilePlugin before checking it in. 
It's very basic for now only showing the thumbnail (correctly rotated I 
hope :-) and a the camera make and model.

The TIFF pattern in $KDEDIR/share/mimelink/magic is unfortunately 
matching .CR2 files, so you need to take the CR2 line

0       string          II*\000\020\000\000\000CR       image/x-raw

and copy it into the the magic-file _before_ TIFF. We either need to do 
that permanently or we need to allow other magic files to override 
KDE's instead of just append to it.

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