ok to add cmake support in kdelibs ?

Jaroslaw Staniek js at iidea.pl
Fri Jun 17 18:41:23 BST 2005

Alexander Neundorf said the following, On 2005-06-17 17:04:

> Tanner Lovelace would like to work together with me on cmake and compile KDE 
> on Mac OS X. So is it ok to add the required files to kdelibs/ ?

Looks like cmake is only one of build systems used within KDE. If so, I am not 
sure it's best thing to have its files along with Makefile.am. MY suggestion 
is that you can have the files in a separate tree, e.g. look how I am managing 
.pro files in win/pro_files/ and automatically copy them to destionation 
subdir of kdelibs/ on compilation.

I am wondering we're going to end up with source code files mixed with various 
files for cmake/qmake/unsermake/scons/{insert-your-favourite-tool-here}.

> As long as you don't run cmake, they don't interfere with anything else.
> If there are problems with this I'd like to have a branch of kdelibs and 
> kdebase for this purpose.

Do you want to make a fork because of different build system, o this is just a 
temporary effort? If not, see above, perhaps having empty subdirs with cmake 
files could be enough?

Hmm, what about assuming that in kdelibs (and probably in other places) there 
will be only portable (between targets) build files[*], and not specific for, 
say, Mac OS X?

[*] with optional, quite rare #ifdef-like sections for particular targets

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