Error compiling kdeartwork SVN TRUNK: You cannot use Qt 4 .ui-files with Qt/KDE 3!

Chris Howells howells at
Fri Jun 17 12:58:16 BST 2005

On Friday 17 June 2005 12:29, Steven P. Ulrick wrote:
> Hello, Everyone :)
> When compiling a fresh download of kdeartwork from SVN TRUNK, I got the
> following error:
> > ERROR:kscreensaver/kdesavers/ Unknown UIC version for /
> > home/steve/CVS/KDE-SVN/kdeartwork/kscreensaver/kdesavers/
> > firesaversetup.ui. Rerun make -f Makefile.cvs. ERROR:kscreensaver/
> > kdesavers/ You cannot use Qt 4 .ui-files with Qt/KDE 3!
> > Please use a Qt 4-based build system.
> I followed the instructions quoted above, and did the following:
> 1. Re-ran unsermake -f Makefile.cvs
> 2. Then attempted to re-run ./configure & unsermake

This is a bug in unsermake somewhere relating to generation. For 
some reason that file doesn't get added to QT3_UIFILES in and 
then the resulting Makefile is wrong also.

I have been unable to work out why, e.g. what makes that file different to any 
others. fixuifiles reports no problem and resaving the file in designer 
doesn't fix it. 

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