KIconLoader improvements: icon server

Dan Leinir Turthra Jensen admin at
Tue Jun 14 19:01:51 BST 2005

Tuesday 14 June 2005 16:02 skrev Benjamin Meyer:
> Would you be able to generate some stats on the number of icons that are
> shared across applications?  I am just wondering if there only a few dozen
> images that are shared and it wont scale much beyond that and if that is
> the best we could get is adding the extra layer of complexity worth it? In
> KDE4 there is a lot of talk moving the toolbars to seven or so important
> action with large icons with text.  This would cut down on many of the
> icons that are loaded.

  This is not something I've got any real number for, but if you look around 
your desktop there's at least three icons that are reused in just about every 
application out there, namely copy, cut and paste, and the quit, kde, 
whatsthis and handbook icon is used in all, bar none :)
  What to me seems really important here, is that this will help a very great 
deal when using SVG themes. If the rendered icon is cached, it would be much 
faster on second load, wether in the same program or elsewhere :) Maybe 
Gostavo would be so kind as to test this for us? There's a few pure SVG 
themes out there, enough to test with :)
  fwiw I support this wholeheartedly :) Anything to make KDE faster (without 
slashing features obviously ;) )

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