Build system for KDE4

Benjamin Reed rangerrick at
Mon Jun 13 13:02:23 BST 2005

On 6/13/05, tnagyemail-ml at <tnagyemail-ml at> wrote:

> Another solution is bksys, it is based on Scons
> and which has (now) a set of function fairly similar
> to the syntax of the .am files. Several kde projects
> are using it already (rosegarden, kdissert, ..) and a
> graphical project manager is in preparation.
> A prototype to compile and install the kdegames module
> has been shown some time ago. Unlike Cmake, bksys does
> not need to generate Makefiles, and only depends on
> python.

Does bksys cache it's results?  When I last messed with scons it did
not.  One of the issues with "dep-resolution is part of the build
process" is that a project like KDE has so many tests that you're
essentially waiting a minute or two for the equivalent of
"./configure" to run every time you just want to run the equivalent of

It's faster, since it's not shell, but that's still one of those
things where it's sucking just a little bit of time from every
developer's work through the development process...

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