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Qmake is of no use in practice (I have tried very
hard..). It does not handle most of the kde tricks
(linking against local shared libraries, multiple
targets in a directory, skel and stub files, ..).

A much better replacement is cmake
(, which generates Makefiles like
Qmake (it looks like Alexander Neundorf has managed to
compile and install kdevelop with that tool). The only
annoying drawback is the configuration, which should
be done using external scripts.

Another solution is bksys, it is based on Scons
and which has (now) a set of function fairly similar
to the syntax of the .am files. Several kde projects
are using it already (rosegarden, kdissert, ..) and a
graphical project manager is in preparation.
A prototype to compile and install the kdegames module
has been shown some time ago. Unlike Cmake, bksys does
not need to generate Makefiles, and only depends on

Thomas Nagy

--- Ralf Habacker <ralf.habacker at> a écrit :

> Am Montag, 13. Juni 2005 08:50 schrieb David
> Johnson:
> > On Sunday 12 June 2005 11:24 pm, Ralf Habacker
> wrote:
> > 
> > > kde is based on QT. QT have qmake, which already
> supports many
> > > platforms. There are some extensions required,
> but as far as I know
> > > qmake, there are many things already solved.
> > > Because the autotools are not working very good
> on native windows
> > > Jaruslav Staniek already uses qmake for
> compiling kde.
> > 
> > One major advantage to qmake, from my perspective,
> is that it's 
> > lightweight. For a standalone application the
> auto* framework can 
> > sometimes be larger than the rest of the
> distribution. On the other 
> > hand, qmake project files are very small.
> > 
> This is true, the only issues I have with qmake is
> that is is not very easy to 
> extend. Porting qmake to cygwin was a hard job,
> because it wasn't easy to 
> find where things really happen. 
> It seems to me, that the internal structure of the
> Makefile code generator 
> hasn't updated for easy adding additional stuff,
> instead everybody who had 
> patched it has added additional cases. This makes it
> very hard to read the 
> implementation (similar to libtools 5000 lines
> without any function)
> On the todo list (this may be addressed to
> trolltech) there should be some 
> cleanup and/or restructering of the code generator
> implementation. There 
> should be more small methods for generating the
> single part of the Makefile 
> instead of using a single line. 
> UnixMakefileGenerator::writeMakeParts() for examples
> has about 1000 lines. How 
> should this readable and maintainable ? 
> Ralf Habacker 

/* Thomas Nagy */


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