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Michael Nottebrock lofi at
Fri Jun 10 16:33:07 BST 2005

On Friday, 10. June 2005 15:55, Leo Savernik wrote:

> I already tried compiling boost months ago, and believe me, it doesn't work
> with gcc 2.95.

It's definitely possible to compile boost with gcc 2.95 - FreeBSD 4.x ships a 
package. :-)

Actually, during packaging of KDE 3.4.0 I got pretty far with getting kig's 
python-scripting support to compile with the gcc 2.95 shipped in FreeBSD 4.x 
as well (the key is raising the default template depth), but gcc itself would 
eventually go ICE over something that's ironically commented in the boost 
source code as a workaround for a gcc 2.95 ICE-trigger. Bummer.

Fun fact: Compiling kdeedu with python-scripting enabled, boost/boost-python 
available and --enable-final set is probably the current leader of the 
gcc-eats-memory hitparade. IIRC, one single gcc process would grow to ~400MB 
in size.

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