SUBMISSION: New Library for kdesupport: indexlib

Daniel Teske teske at
Fri Jun 10 13:23:15 BST 2005

> The problem I have with boost is that it's not a library so much as
> an eclectic collection of stuff that's on the bleeding edge of
> advanced C++ practice. 
Not everything is advanced stuff. Some, for example noncopyable isn't.

> I don't like "advanced C++" code because it's 
> too hard to maintain. It overwhelms new programmers, and intimidates
> intermediate programmers, so that the only people who can work on the
> code are experts.
Me too, some of the "modern C++" is strange.

> Other reasons: debugging heavily templated code is nasty;
> understanding error messages from heavily templated code is nearly
> impossible; 
boost/type_traits is the solution, not part of the problem.
With it you can formulate constrains on the template parameters and fail 
with an better error message.

> I've seen no evidence beyond the self-interested advocacy 
> that this stuff really will be added to the next standard; 
Well I'm not uptodate to the current state but at least
boost smart_ptr and boost tuple are part of the next standard. I think 
something like type_traits is planned, but I don't know if it is boost 
based. (And a regex libary is added.)
But the next standard won't be here before ~2008...

> I don't want to sound like a luddite, but sometimes boring is better
> than cutting edge, especially in a common library to be used by those
> who aren't necessarily C++/STL/template gurus.
The users of the libary don't need advanced c++ knowledge. In fact the 
api looks simple.


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