Reinhold Kainhofer reinhold at kainhofer.com
Wed Jun 8 13:45:15 BST 2005

Can we add an additional (static) getURL method to KURLRequesterDlg that also 
allows us to use a custom label text?
Here's the code that I used in kdepim/libkdepim/kpimurlrequesterdlg.cpp (which 
is basically duplicated from kurlrequesterdlg.cpp), since we need this with 
kdelibs 3.4:

KURL KPimURLRequesterDlg::getURL( const QString& dir, const QString &label,
                                  QWidget *parent, const QString& caption )
    KURLRequesterDlg dlg(dir, label, parent, "filedialog", true);

    dlg.setCaption(caption.isNull() ? i18n("Open") : caption);


    const KURL& url = dlg.selectedURL();
    if (url.isValid())

    return url;

Also, can we make the label in the dialog line-break if needed?

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