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Frank Karlitschek karlitschek at
Tue Jun 7 22:07:14 BST 2005

On Tuesday 07 June 2005 22:47, Josef Spillner wrote:
> Am Dienstag, 7. Juni 2005 17:30 schrieb Anne-Marie Mahfouf:
> > I still have not sorted out where to put my stuff. Currently my files are
> > in www/areas/edu which is not really nice as people don't like getting
> > several Mb of non-www files.
> This seems to come up every few months, and it's still not solved :(
> There's now which certainly fills a gap, but it lacks many of
> the advanced features needed for GHNS, and it seems that it won't be
> getting them anytime soon.

Are you sure? ;-) 
What features do you mean?

> Then there's but unchecked uploads to it must not be done
> for security reasons.
> Then there's but it's a small server, not KDE-owned and actually
> I'd like to keep it for the development versions of everything.
> I don't see a way around a dedicated host, given that one needs the SQL
> database, downloads and web access. Of course this doesn't have to be a
> physical host, any UML would be fine, but one needs a server to host the
> UML on and that's what is lacking as I understand it.
> The software infrastructure is available, and for tests works
> without problems. But it is not a solution which will last for years to
> come.
> > There's also the translation problem of the description of the stuff. Any
> > news on that?
> This is doable via the web interface. Which will have to be improved and
> then deployed on said server. There are 'admin' and 'translator' roles in
> the current security model, and I think this is still how it should be
> done. Anyway one of the hopes I have with is that it
> attracts some developers who are interested in helping out with the
> server-side
> infrastructure. Imagine nobody would host a groupware server. How many
> kontact users would there be?
> Josef


Frank Karlitschek
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