Compatibility between KDE 3 and KDE 4

Martijn Klingens klingens at
Tue Jun 7 12:48:54 BST 2005

Thiago Macieira said:
> And I think we can do better.

Sure we can ;-). I just don't see a real need for it. But if it's
reasonably easy to do, why not? :)

>>> Just add the "4" to the name, if the layout of those files is not
>>> compatible with the KDE3 apps.
>>For clarity, the name of the containing folder or the actual filename?
> I don't think /etc4 exists, so /etc/kde4rc :-)

You misunderstood me (or I misunderstood you :) )

I was referring to /etc/kde-user-profile/martijn/share/config/kmailrc4 vs
/etc/kde-user-profile/kde4-martijn/share/config/kmailrc vs
/etc/kde-user-profile-4/martijn/share/config/kmailrc vs something else
even. Here there are options to both suffix the files and the dirs.

> In fact, I think we should read both files, as well as both environment
> variables. The "4" version should override, if found, similarly to what
> XFree86 did to XF86Config vs XF86Config-4.

I much rather see a one-time conversion triggered by e.g. kconf_update or
so, because the additional stat calls for nonexisting files are a
performance burden. If there's no strong technical need (which i'm not
sure yet, but hope not), I wouldn't add stuff like this that affects
*every* KDE 4 app (we're talking kdeglobals, of all files).


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