Compatibility between KDE 3 and KDE 4

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Tue Jun 7 03:11:03 BST 2005

Kurt Pfeifle wrote:
>On Monday 06 June 2005 22:39, Martijn Klingens wrote:
>> Hiya,
>> Exective summary: with this mail I would like to start collecting
>> potential problems when having a mixed KDE 3/4 environment.
>I recently came across this bugzilla entry:

Still open. And to quote myself:

 I think we should do that only for namespaced classes. 
 I.e., #include <namespace/class.h> in order to have Namespace::Class. 
 That would bring back the discussion on what to namespace and when. See for previous threads on that discussion.

We have had that discussion and the conclusion is that libkdecore and 
libkdeui stay on the :: namespace, using K as a differentiator. Other 
libraries get to use namespaces, and the usage is to be harmonised.

That would mean the includes for libkdecore and libkdeui classes be 

However, since then, we have had Qt4 move to split libraries with no 
namespaces. Now you have to include (say) <QtCore/QCoreApplication> in 
order to get QCoreApplication. So it isn't all that bad to install 
libkdecore and libkdeui includes in subdirs, even if the classes aren't 

If we want to keep compatibility, we can provide the old, flat includes as 

As for Havoc Pennington's suggestion, I don't particularly like 
pkg-config, so I personally don't think each and every package should be 
in a different subdir, exactly because writing those long -Idir and -Ldir 
lines is tiresome --- ever tried compiling a KDE app by hand? So I would 
prefer keeping it simple, and leave the work of knowing what file belongs 
to what package to the package manager.

Also, it may be that our new build system will change this to make it more 
easy or more difficult, so maybe we should focus on that first. In 
special, on how to detect installed packages, in order to build the 
compile and link commands.

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