move crystal icons to hicolour

James Richard Tyrer tyrerj at
Sat Jun 4 01:47:26 BST 2005

Stephan Kulow wrote:
> Am Freitag 03 Juni 2005 07:20 schrieb James Richard Tyrer:
>>Olaf Schmidt wrote:
>>>[Pino Toscano, Monday, 9. May 2005 13:58]
>>>>In my case (Kig icons) the hicolour ones were removed when the new
>>>>crystal were available.
>>>The best would be to add the original icons back to kdeclassic, and move 
>>>the crystal application icons to hicolor.
>>That won't help.  The unthemed icons need to be installed as HiColor. 
>>It won't solve the problem to install them as KDEClassic since GNOME 
>>(etc.) will look for HiColor, it won't find HiColor icons installed as 
>>And unless it is our intention to force users of other DeskTops to use 
>>Crystal style icons, why should we move Crystal style to HiColor when 
>>there are HiColor icons available.
> It was my assumption, Jonathan only moved those that have _no_ hicolor
> equivalent worth looking at.

Well, that isn't what happened.  I agree that if there isn't anything 
else available that we should, at least temporarily, use the Crystal 
style icons.  A bad solution to a problem is often better than no 
solution. :-\.  However, in some cases there are KDEClassic/HiColor 
icons that are almost exactly the same as the Crystal ones except for 
the colors.  For example: Kivio & Kugar.  In many cases, there are 
KDEClassic icons available and I believe that these should be used even 
if they are KDE 2 style.

Actually, the requirement for HiColor icons means that the KDEClassic 
theme should be deprecated.  Only KDE will look for these icons in 
"kdeclassic" so they should all be moved back to "hicolor" the only 
exception is that if both a KDEClassic icon (KDE 2 style) and a more 
modern looking HiColor icon exists then the older one should be 
installed as "kdeclassic" and the more contemporary one should be 
installed as "hicolor".  It is possible in many cases that a HiColor 
icon can be produced by changing the tonal range and color saturation of 
a Crystal icon -- what I call "uncrystalized" icons -- as I did for Kexi.


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