[Fwd: KView for KDE4?]

James Richard Tyrer tyrerj at acm.org
Sat Jun 4 08:51:47 BST 2005

James Richard Tyrer wrote:
> Carlos Leonhard Woelz wrote:
>> On Thu, 02 Jun 2005 01:22:59 -0700, "James Richard Tyrer"
>> <tyrerj at acm.org> said:
>>> I can't see why they would want to drop this since KDE needs a 
>>> generic image viewer with an embeddable KPart.
>>> If we loose this, it will create usability issues since users would 
>>> be left with the choice of the "Embeddable Image Viewer" which has no 
>>> features or using a feature laden viewer which is more than you need 
>>> for just browsing.
>> James, there are other image viewer with an embeddable KPart that may
>> deserve this spot. Look under extragear/graphics.
> I will look at them when I have a chance.

OK, my preliminary report.

Showing didn't build.  KimDaBa seems like a real nice application but it 
is an image data base and is not going to work as a replacement for KView.

Gwenview seems OK, but it lacks features that I normally use.  Although 
it has some other features that are probably good.  I don't like the 
large cursor (hand) and I find that some things are not done the KDE 
way.  Although it would be nice if the disappearing floating toolbar was 
added to KDE.  The menus do not comply with the KDE standards -- but I 
forget that it is only the KView on my system that is compliant with the 
KDE menu standards :-).

I found the Gwenview KPart for Konqueror to be buggy.  While browsing, I 
came to an XCF file and although the app showed it fine, the action of 
the KPart was to open The GIMP.  Then I came to a small picture (jpg) 
and it opened the KPart for KView.

To some extent, I see only minor differences between Gwenview and KView 
so I wonder why the new project was started.  I don't think that 
Gwenview is ready and KView is a stable application.  I think that it 
would be less work to maintain KVIew then to get Gwenview ready.

I found 30 bugs for KView (11 are wishlist). That seems like a small 
number.   I suppose that it would be helpful if I went through them. 
Try to do that by Monday.


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