[kde-artists] Re: move crystal icons to hicolour (moving to kde-artists)

James Richard Tyrer tyrerj at acm.org
Sat Jun 4 01:38:05 BST 2005

Anne-Marie Mahfouf wrote:
> For developers without any graphical knowledge, this is a really difficult to 
> follow.
> I saw Jonathan commits in kdeedu and now nobody seems to know what is going 
> on.
> I am told that some crystal icons in kdeedu are not crystal, people don't seem 
> to agree, each time I ask I get a different answer.
> I would like to know:
> - what icons are correct as crystal for the KDE-Edu apps (including the K Menu 
> ones) and those which are not (in order to ask the icon marathon to fx the 
> bad ones)
> - how do we name the icons now?
> James, I am sure you are trying to help but I don't understand your mails. 
> Please remember that 1) English is not my main language 2) I am not an artist 
> or icon guru. If you were kind enough to make a list (for kdeedu and maybe 
> other modules) that would say: 
> KLettres: no crystal 
> hicolor: correct
> (that's an example)
> then I would be highly delighted and we could start to fix all that with the 
> artist team.

I will attempt to use correct English.  I tried to learn German in
college and I know that common American English is not correct English.

I think that this should be simple:

HiColor icons should be installed as "hicolor".

If the only HiColor icons we have are KDEClassic or KDE 2 icons, we
should use them until we have something with a more modern look.

Crystal icons should be installed as "crystalsvg"

There is no reason to install HiColor icons as "crystalsvg".  This
accomplishes nothing!  The HiColor icons will be displayed in either case.

There is no problem with KDE except for users that want to use the
KDEClassic/HiColor icon theme.

The problem is that other DeskTops will look for HiColor icons as the
"fallback" icon theme when using KDE applications.  Therefore, we need
to have HiColor icons for everything if possible.  JR says that the
problem only occurs with the application icons (the ones used on the
menu).  So, if we do not have a HiColor or KDEClassic icon for the
application icon, we need to install something as "hicolor" and JR
suggested that we should install the Crystal style icons as "hicolor".
This is not a good solution to the problem but a bad solution is better
than no solution.  This solution should only be used if there is no
other solution to the problem available.

If you don't understand exactly what I mean, please contact me by
private e-mail with your questions.


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