KWin missing in apidocs since KDE 3.3!

Dirk Mueller mueller at
Sat Jun 4 11:30:44 BST 2005

On Thursday 02 June 2005 21:58, Adriaan de Groot wrote:

> Because it does a lot more as well

how about merging that back instead of forking?

> (and turns off all the dot-based 
> diagrams, for instance, since I never saw much of a point to the
> inheritance diagrams); 

how about merging that back instead of forking?

> compare .. damn, the KDE PIM apidox have been 
> removed from ktown again.

No, they haven't. Just that the api generation process failed again (as it 
does in 30-40% of the time) and nobody seems to care to fix it. I

> Could you please add Allen Winter (SVN:winterz / winter at and myself
> (SVN:adridg / groot at to that list? We're both glad to help with
> general Dox stuff (man, does libs ever generate a gob of warnings, for
> instance).

Added. Please have a look at fixing the bugs Stefan Gehn kindly pointed out to 
this list.


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