KWin missing in apidocs since KDE 3.3!

Adriaan de Groot groot at
Thu Jun 2 14:58:01 BST 2005

On Thursday 02 June 2005 14:51, Lubos Lunak wrote:
> On Wednesday 01 of June 2005 20:52, mETz wrote:
> > Moin,
> >
> > not only KTrader is missing since ages, now I also found KWin
> > documentation to be missing (even on, so it's not my
> > broken doxygen).
> >
> > Somebody please fix this!
>  If I do 'make apidox' in kdebase/kwin, I see the generated docs in
> kdebase/apidocs, so I guess this is not up to me to fix this? Well at least
> I have no idea how and what exactly.

The problem is -- that is, if Metz' complaint refers to the libkdecore class 
KWin -- that the entire class is wrapped in a #ifdef Q_OS_UNIX, and that gets 
removed by Doxygen during (pre)processing. Disabling preprocessing so Doxygen 
ignores the #ifdef entirely causes the class KWin dox to be generated 

Patch to admin/ attached. See for references.

PIM dox (should you care) don't suffer from this because they use a fork of 
admin/'s Doxygen stuff that already deals with preprocessing properly (and 
yields KDE-styled dox, too -- some day, Allen & I will have to discover who's 
turf the Dox stuff is in an attempt to merge back our changes).

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