QSound use? (was: Re: Request for moving kdelibs/arts/knotify outside the arts directory)

Kuba Ober kuba at mareimbrium.org
Thu Jun 2 13:57:11 BST 2005

> BTW: I'm wondering why KDE does not use QSound like it uses many other QT
> classes at least as option or enhance QSound to support more than one sound
> system. This would be more straightforward adn require duplicate
> implementations.

Did you look at what QSound does and tried using what it purports to do? If 
not, then let me just say that it plain doesn't work. Unless what you want to 
do is just to play a .wav file from beginning to the end. Looping and 
stopping generally doesn't work (tried it). NAS-only support for unices is a 
big joke as well (just how many people have it?). Its implementation is a 
horrible bloat it seems too.

I had to write a new class myself in order to do sound output that works on 
windows and oss systems and actually does implement QSound's functionality 

Cheers, Kuba

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