RFC: Changes in kdeui

Lubos Lunak l.lunak at suse.cz
Fri Jul 29 10:12:10 BST 2005

On Thursday 28 of July 2005 23:01, Daniel Molkentin wrote:
> Hi,
> Now that KDE4 has been moved to HEAD, I want to conduct the following
> changes to the KDEUI library:
> 1. Remove all KDE_NO_COMPAT macros: replace compat header redirects with
> #error messages

 I think we could just dump compat headers.

> 2. remove all methods in KDE_NO_COMPAT (there are some exceptions that need
> to be handled carefully)

 Does trunk actually compile at all now? If not, we probably have more 
important things to do.

 Also, when we start removing this compat stuff, I think we should do it in 
all of kdelibs, not just in kdeui, and we should finish it before we start 
marking new things as compat. Otherwise we may end up still having compat 
stuff from long times ago just because nobody maintains that (say, KAccel 

> Those things should be done in short term:
> kpassdlg.h : Remove KPasswordEdit. I don't really see the point anymore.
> Too much configuration overhead, if you really want the amount of echos
> configurable, maybe we could do it in the style.
> ktabbar.h/ktabctl.h/ktabwidget.h: Check if really still needed
> keditcl.h: I think we can just remove that stuff
> kprogress.h: Check if still needed
> kseparator.h: Do we really need this?
> qxembed.h: QX11EmbedContainer and QX11EmbedWidget replace this one just
> fine. I volunteer to port KControl, and I don't think it's being used
> anywhere else.

 Don't think, find out :). lxr.kde.org says it's also used for Java and 
NSPlugins, and for systray. Systray should be fine, but I guess the khtml 
parts will be ... interesting.

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