system kioslave and KURL::isLocalFile()

Andras Mantia amantia at
Wed Jul 27 10:08:37 BST 2005

On Wednesday 27 July 2005 12:04, Kévin Ottens wrote:
> Le Mercredi 27 Juillet 2005 10:51, Andras Mantia a Ă©crit :
> > This sounds good. But what if we provied KURL::localPath() or
> > something like that? For example we have an URL like
> > "home://myfile". This points to /home/user/myfile. 
> > KURL::isLocalFile() would return true, KURL::path() would return
> > "myfile" and KURL::localPath() would return /home/user/myfile. In
> > case of non-local URL localPath == path. Of course this is for
> > KDE4, otherwise it would break applications depending of
> > isLocalFile and path, just as you said.
> Well, there's another problem, only the ioslave knows how to resolved
> the KURL to a local path. =)
> Your KURL::localPath() is almost what KFileItem::mostLocalURL() and
> NetAccess::mostLocalURL() do. The difference being they are in kio.
> Having a KURL::localPath() as you propose would introduce a depend
> from kdecore to kio, which is BAD(tm).
> But maybe I missed something. =)

No, I'm not that familiar with how kioslaves work. So you might be 

> Regards.
> PS: Btw, you didn't replied on list (in case it wasn't intentional).

Oh, that was just a mistake.

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