[Kde-cvs-announce] KDE 3.5 branched / KDE 4 development in trunk/KDE

Stephan Kulow coolo at kde.org
Wed Jul 27 09:08:43 BST 2005

Am Dienstag 26 Juli 2005 23:18 schrieb Scott Wheeler:
> There were quite a few potential problems with this discussed here over the 
> past few months -- I don't so much care to reopen those discussions, but as 
> you seem to be pushing in a definite direction it'd be nice if you'd share 
> what that direction is with the rest of us.  ;-)
It's true that in the past, the branching of a version was about the last thing
we did before releasing. But this time is different. We need to develop two
versions at once.

I outlined my direction back in march I think. Due to some personal reasons
I wasn't able to push it full steam, but it was clear from the beginning that
KDE 3.5 wouldn't work as the releases before.

In theory I don't care if KDE 3.5 will be released in august or in february or
whenever in between. And so far there was little input on what people expect
from KDE 3.5 beside from kdepim developers. So I did, what I usually do to
create a discussion: create facts ;)

But now my next steps are indeed, getting kde4 in trunk and creating a KDE 3.5
release schedule. 

Greetings, Stephan

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