KPrinter::setOrientation disables the orientation group in thesetupdlg

Goffioul Michael goffioul at
Wed Jul 27 09:01:09 BST 2005

> I am confused about this.  Perhaps this is due to the fact that I have
> an old printer Epson LQ1000 that you can put paper in.
> There are two parameters:
> 	How the paper is oriented in the printer
> 	How the text is printed (Horizontal or Vertical)
> If you have WordPerfect 8.1 for Linux, you can easily see how this
> should work since it allows you to set both separately and has a nice 
> display.  If it would help, I can make screen shots.
> This confusion seems to be indicated by the posters use of the terms: 
> "landscape" and "portrait" when he is actually referring to printing 
> horizontal and vertical.

>From my point of view, people are used to portrait/landscape printing
and they are used to what it means. The suggestion above would IMO
introduce more confusion to the user. Of course, this might depend on
the actual printer used, but in my case (HP deskjet), the paper is 
always introduced in the same direction.


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