KPrinter::setOrientation disables the orientation group in thesetupdlg

Goffioul Michael goffioul at
Mon Jul 25 14:38:05 BST 2005

> > No. This behavior has been designed that way in cooperation with the
> > koffice developers. 
> Isn't that mixing two different functionalities:
> 1) That the application should be able to change the 
> printer's default 
> orientation and
> 2) that the application should tell the printer dialog that 
> the user can't 
> change the orientation manually.
> For KOffice both might be needed, but other applications have 
> other needs.
> > The idea was to keep a single location where the 
> > orientation is set and to avoid mismatch between application-level
> > orientation and kdeprint-level orientation. 
> That's fine for applications like koffice, where you have a 
> page layout 
> setting. KOrganizer doesn't have this (and doesn't need it 
> IMO), and the data 
> is not tailored to a specific orientation. Rather the print 
> routines are 
> implemented so that they simply take the available rectangle 
> and use that. 
> E.g. in month print style landscape is the default (allows 
> longer texts), but 
> sometimes one might also want to print it in portrait, 
> because then more 
> events fit into each day's box (actually, I always print the 
> month view in 
> portrait). So the user needs to be able to select the 
> orientation at some 
> point after the default orientation is set.
> As a workaround in KOrganizer we have a combobox in the 
> printing dialog (the 
> dialog that lets you select the print type and layout and 
> other options; 
> shown before the KPrinter::setup dialog) with the following entries:
> -) Use Default of selected print style
> -) Use Printer Default
> -) Landscape
> -) Portrait
> Now the problem is that if you print once in e.g. Landscape 
> and then a second 
> time in "Use Printer Default", you won't be able to change 
> the printer 
> default later on (because in the first printing it was set 
> manually -> 
> orientation group is grayed out forever afterwards).
> Also, it seems an artificial restriction for the korganizer 
> user that he can't 
> change the orientation later on, when the printing functions 
> clearly support 
> both orientations.

I agree. The fact is that this feature was only used by koffice,so
the problem never actually popped up.

> > This could be changed, but it requires some coding.
> Is there some workaround that re-enables the orientation box 
> (also with 
> kdelibs 3.4)? I tried manually setting 
>    mPrinter->setOption( "kde-orientation-fixed", "0" );
> but that doesn't seem to wiork (i'm developing with kdelibs 3.4.1)...

Try with setEditedOption() instead, this might work.


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