[PATCH] ExtTerminalInterface

Peter Rockai (mornfall) me at mornfall.net
Sun Jul 24 09:11:15 BST 2005


there goes a patch to implement ExtTerminalInterface (in an hopefully 
ABI-compatible manner) against current trunk (to-be 3.5). It also changes the 
processExited() signal to have an KProcess * argument. Since documentation 
states the argument is an integer and in reality there is no argument at all, 
i suppose this is not in a wide use. If deemed important, i can add all three 
variants of the signal.

These 2 changes should make the interface much more useful... The log is 
inside the attached patch.

If noone complains, i'll push the changes to 3.5 branch and trunk on next 
Wednesday (27th of July). I'll improve the documentation before commiting, 


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