Improvement to admin/ [PATCH]

Stephan Kulow coolo at
Mon Jul 18 08:38:15 BST 2005

Am Sonntag 17 Juli 2005 07:41 schrieb Michael Pyne:
> On Sunday 17 July 2005 00:12, Michael Pyne wrote:
> > I think it's probably an unsermake issue, will investigate to see if I can
> > fix it.
> The following patch fixes it.  I'm not exactly familiar with unsermake 
> internals, so I'm posting it here first but it seems trivial enough, so I 
> will commit tomorrow if there are no objections.  Basically the change is to 
> use the autoconf given in the environment if present (such as when being 
> called from
Should be very much fine. I wonder how automake does that.

Greetings, Stephan

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