[PATCH] Konqueror about

James Richard Tyrer tyrerj at acm.org
Fri Jul 8 05:19:54 BST 2005

David Johnson wrote:
> On Wednesday 06 July 2005 08:20 pm, James Richard Tyrer wrote:
>>This isn't about "psychic pain", it is about convenience.  It is
>>simply more convenient to look for "Your personal files" in a
>>directory that doesn't contain a bunch of other stuff. 
> According to my PIOOMA estimates, 99% of that "other stuff" are 
> configuration files or scripts. The former are all hidden and the 
> latter tend to reside in a "bin" directory. So no problem.

Well, I have other junk and I don't know where some of it came from and 
it isn't all hidden.

There is a problem with "hidden" files and directories.  Konqueror KFM 
has an option: "Show Hidden Files".  Not all applications have this, 
they show them and there is no option to hid them.  I have over a 120 
hidden files and directories in my HOME directory.  Open your HOME 
directory in Firefox. :-(

Simple solution: Only use HOME for configuration stuff; if its a data 
file, put it in $HOME/Files/...


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