Adding "Documents Folder" to: "system:/

James Richard Tyrer tyrerj at
Thu Jul 7 22:21:30 BST 2005

I think that there is general agreement that if the "Documents path" is 
not set to $HOME (which is the default) that a link: "Documents Folder" 
should be added to "system:/".

I have given this some thought and it is not as simple as changing the 
Konqueror Introduction.

The first problem is that this is going to be different for each user so 
the 'desktop' files need to go in:


I tried this and it works.

So, how do we do this?

It appears that what is needed is to have a function that checks to see 
if "Documents" is set to $HOME for the current user and if not: Copies a 
prototype "documents.desktop" file to:


and then uses 'sed' to set the URL correctly.  If "Documents" is set to 
$HOME, then the file should be deleted if it exists.

This function needs to be called whenever something sets "Documents" in 


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