APIDOX Changes

Adriaan de Groot groot at kde.org
Wed Jul 6 15:25:48 BST 2005

On Wednesday 06 July 2005 15:19, Jaroslaw Staniek wrote:
> 1. Return types are now aligned in common column and function names in
> another, thus we have quite often a situaltion like this one:

Yup. I haven't figured this one out yet. See, there's an option 
HTML_ALIGN_MEMBERS to use tables or bulleted lists. The bulleted lists don't 
work very well with some of the docs -- \sections in particular are very much 
broken. In addition, HTML_ALIGN_MEMBERS -- and the whole unaligned setup -- 
is deprecated and will be removed.

> Couldn't we have this like here:
> http://koffice.org/developer/apidocs/kexi/html/classKexiDB_1_1BaseExpr.html

You use doxygen 1.2, ktown has doxygen 1.4. That's quite a difference.

> 2. What about inheritance diagrams?

You are the first person to ever ask for that. That I've met, anyway.

> 3. What about clickable source code? Many of us liked that.

Doable. I have it turned off because it chews up disk space like insane, but I 
suppose ktown is unlimited in that respect.

> 4. 'Class list' pages, eg.
> http://developer.kde.org/documentation/library/cvs-api/kdelibs-apidocs/dcop
>/html/annotated.html could be more readable using table borders, like in our
> prev. template or http://doc.trolltech.com/3.3/annotated.html

Ah, yes. That's one that bugs me as well. I'll see what I can do. It _is_ a 
simple CSS issue.

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