APIDOX Changes

Jaroslaw Staniek js at iidea.pl
Wed Jul 6 14:19:16 BST 2005

CSS used is partly nice, but there're issues re used doxygen template:

1. Return types are now aligned in common column and function names in 
another, thus we have quite often a situaltion like this one:

veryveryveryveryverylong<returntype> * 	f1() const;

QString                                 f2(const QString &userCaption,...)
         ^^^ very very long space here ^^^

Couldn't we have this like here:

veryveryveryveryverylong<returntype> * 	f1() const;

                                 String  f2(const QString &userCaption,...)
^^ very very long space here ^^^

2. What about inheritance diagrams?

3. What about clickable source code? Many of us liked that.

4. 'Class list' pages, eg. 
  could be more readable using table borders, like in our prev. template or 

regards / pozdrawiam,
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