NXFish: How to integrate with KDE?

Fabian Franz FabianFranz at gmx.de
Tue Jul 5 23:54:16 BST 2005

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Am Dienstag, 5. Juli 2005 11:54 schrieb Waldo Bastian:
> It should not be a problem to add this to kdebase/kioslave/fish

Cool, I'll provide a "clean patch" soon. (I mean one that checks the protocol 
in the beginning and if its its nxfish, it'll use nxfish-client instead of 

> You mention a security-enhanced fish-server, what is enhanced about it?

No exec, chdir, pwd support, it provides a base directory, which can contain 
symlinks (but are not seen as those) so you can share just certain folders 
and not all data the user can access.

What is not done and will not be done at the moment:

- - Symlink to / or something other means again access to whole system the user 
can access.
- - Read Only Support of Files (would be easy, but just for the whole 
FiSH-Server Instance)

>How is it supposed to be installed? Where? By whom?

It is supposed to be installed on the client that wants to do "filesharing" 
over FiSH (to the remote NX session).

Authentication to this fish-server is either done directly, but despite to ssh 
the nxfish-client does know the secret token transparently. (Or via 
complicated secure socks forwarding)

The idea of not using ssh directly, but the FiSH-server is to restrict access 
to files and actions, while keeping the simplicity of FiSH.

> Note that the regular fish io-slave uploads its own fish-server.

Yes, I know, but I need it for a certain purpose.


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