NXFish: How to integrate with KDE?

Waldo Bastian bastian at kde.org
Tue Jul 5 10:54:28 BST 2005

It should not be a problem to add this to kdebase/kioslave/fish
You mention a security-enhanced fish-server, what is enhanced about it? How is 
it supposed to be installed? Where? By whom?

Note that the regular fish io-slave uploads its own fish-server.


On Sunday 03 July 2005 01:48, you wrote:
> Hi,
> I have got a problem.
> I hacked a bit today, changed three lines in fish.cpp to make it nxfish and
> now have transparent easy file access to certain files on my hard disk.
> For those of you having access to the OpenUsability.org NX Server I
> prepared a small demo:
> - - Access the a normal KDE session on that server
> - - Open up Konqueror
> - - Put in nxfish:/
> You'll see several "shares" from my home directory.
> Indeed bin is a symlink even if its not presented as one and SharedFolder
> is a symlink, while nxfish is an actual folder.
> But it gives the impression of shares.
> The server it accesses is a modified security-enhanced fish-server, which
>  runs on port 6201 (just accessible from localhost) for now ...
> Integration with NX will be done that nxfish always points to the right "NX
> Client" on the net, securely tunneled via nxproxy / SOCKS. (See Google
> Bounty Proposal)
>  While this would work wonderfully and I'm quite sure SuSE would also do a
> security review on the FISH-Server that you cannot access files outside
> scope, I have got the problem how to integrate it into KDE / NX.
> - - Too small changes to be worth forked and maintained separately. (The
> FISH-Server can be maintained seperately)
> - - Too specific needs (access to some port where a FISH-Server is running)
>  to be integrated into the FISH module (?)
> - - Real Access to FISH-Server is done via nxfish-client instead of ssh,
>  which at the moment is just a netcat to some port.
> Does anyone have any idea how one could integrate this nice and cleanly
> into KDE?
> Perhaps it would be possible to distinguish which behaviour should be taken
> based on if protocol is fish or nxfish (again to specific, any ideas?).
> But would it be accepted in SVN and in what way?
> FISH together with the Socks-Technology in Development would give us the
> possibiltiy to not only have seamless printing but also have seamless file
> access with an icon on the "Desktop" or so ... (Thanks to the great KDE-IO
> technology)
> So I need your help to make the Remote Desktop of tomorrow.
> cu
> Fabian
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