RFC: addition of generic timezone support to kdelibs

Reinhold Kainhofer reinhold at kainhofer.com
Tue Jul 5 22:07:52 BST 2005

Shaheed wrote:

>>> If people think this is auseful idea, I'll start with a KTimezone class
>>> and kclock.
> There is also a mini-timezone database in kdepim/libkcal/libical/zoneinfo
> which I have not really looked at.

These are the snipplets of the VTIMEZONE objects that come with libical. If 
(and we really need to, sooner rather than later, since that's an absolute 
requirement to be compatible with other groupware systems) we implement 
proper time zone support in libkcal, we need to have the iCalendar VTIMEZONE 
object available for each time zone to copy it to the .ics files. Now the 
problem is that this means that in libkcal we won't be able to use the 
system-wide time zone library, but need our own timezones... (Unless the 
KTimezone class is able to give a full representation of the timezone 
information needed for the Calendar format, in particular, we need all 
date/times when DST starts/ends, and the offset to UTC for DST and normal 
time periods).


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