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Fri Jul 1 20:28:29 BST 2005

Am Dienstag, 21. Juni 2005 15:18 schrieb S.Çağlar Onur:
> Hi;
> Sal, 2005-06-21 tarihinde 14:21 +0200 saatinde, Hans Meine yazdı:
> > <exaggerate>I would even vote for making the mixer icon in the systray 
> > permanent as long as the user does not find a more-or-less hidden disable 
> > button.</exaggerate>
> What about something like this? We are using this patch in our distro.

This patch obviously only works with OSS drivers. Thus it won't work for Solaris, IRIX and is also not even suitable for all Linux distributions (those who run ALSA w/o OSS emulation).
Also this patch only checks for the existence of /dev/dsp : You don't know whether there is actually a soundcard attached.


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