Fwd: [RFC] One ioslave to rule them all...

James Richard Tyrer tyrerj at acm.org
Fri Jul 1 16:22:41 BST 2005

Michael Buesch wrote:
> Quoting James Richard Tyrer <tyrerj at acm.org>:
>>It would also appear that we need to have: "System" on the toolbar next 
>>to "Home" by default and I can't seem to do that in 3.4.1+.
>>The: "Go" menu should probably be rearranged to correspond to what is 
>>in: "System:/":
>>	Up
>>	Back
>>	Forward
>>	Home
>>	--------------------
>>	System
>>	  ...              >    Applications
>>	--------------------    Documents
>>	Autostart               Network Folders
>>	Most Often Visited      Settings
>>	--------------------    Storage Media
>>	About:Blank             Trash
>>	About:Plugins
>>Yes I changed this a little.  Specifically: "Documents" replaced "Home". 
>>  Users don't need to go to their $HOME directories except to do 
>>administration.  What they do need to do is to go to the directory which 
>>is the root directory of where they store their documents.
> I guess I'm a very unusual user, then.
> I don't care about some "documents" folder. I do anything in "home".

This idea originated with someone else some time ago.  If you check:

	System Administration -> Paths

You should find there, a place to set the: "Documents path".  This path 
is the default working directory for all KDE applications.  It should be 
the default for all applications started by KDE, but that hasn't been 
implemented.  You are perfectly free to set this to any path you want 
(you can set it to $HOME if you want).  However, the path does exist and 
if you are not aware of it, you are probably fighting with it.

But, this is not about what you want, it is about what will work best 
for the typical non-techie user.  My $HOME directory has 144 
configuration related files and directories.  This is probably the 
reason that the KDE developers made the: "Documents" directory.  It is 
certainly the reason that I use it.  But, its use is optional.

> Please don't (german) "verschlimmbesser" the current situation.
>  verschlimmbesser is slang and means, try to make something better, but
>  actually make it worse.

So, it is my intent to conform with previous ideas of KDE developers and 
also other implementations in Linux desktop apps.


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