Does building kde 3.4 beta 1 require an installed kde?

David Faure faure at
Sun Jan 30 22:55:52 GMT 2005

On Sunday 30 January 2005 23:52, Dave Feustel wrote:
> On OpenBSD 3.6, when I ran configure for kdebase
> 3.3.91 I got the following error:
> <snipped>
> checking for dcopidlng... /usr/local/bin/dcopidlng
> checking for makekdewidgets... not found
> configure: error: The important program makekdewidgets was not found!
> Please check whether you installed KDE correctly.
> I have kde 3.2.3 installed.

Did you "make install" in kdelibs (the kdelibs-3.3.91 one) ?
Or are you configuring against kdelibs-3.2.3?

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